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Welcome to Explore Ohio with Sandy

Welcome to Explore Ohio with Sandy

I am so excited to start this blog.  I decided I wanted to have a place that I could showcase local businesses, activities that myself and my family enjoy. The idea is that others may not know about these places and would like to try them also.

Here is my family.  Dave and I got married in November of 2006. We each had 4 children. I have the 4 older boys. He has 4 children also. His oldest D is just a year younger than my youngest T. They are now 16 and 17. But he has 9 year old triplets.  My oldest 3 boys are out of the house.

I will be using the kids initials in my posts rather than their names.

I will have guest bloggers also do posts of places they like to visit in Ohio.  I love videos…so hope to be able to have lots of those to show you.

Please come back and visit!



  • Angie B. says:

    Helly Sandy. I love your site. I’m from southern Ohio but I’ve probably never even heard of most of the events and happenings near me so I’m going to love visiting your site and finding out more. I never heard of Velvet Ice Cream in Utica Ohio so that was interesting. Looking forward to reading more!

  • Thanks Angie! I would love for you to do something for my site from Southern Ohio if you’d like. Is there a place you like to eat, go to, or stay that you and your family like? I want to have guest bloggers submit things from other areas of Ohio too!

  • AmyfromMARS says:

    Love to finally see the whole family!!! What a cool site that I can never share with my boyfriend John, or else he will just get home sick:)

  • Rosey says:

    Hurrah, I love this concept. I’ve been to Kelly’s Island (years ago), Put-n-Bay, Cinci., Cleveland, Columbus, and every year, no matter where we live (even during the eighteen years we lived in FL.) we travel to Ohio once a year to go to Cedar Point in Sandusky. I totally am looking forward to your blogging.

  • Thanks Rosey! wow… in FL and taveling to Ohio for vacation? That seems backwards to me! LOL

  • Sandy your family is gorgeous! With so many kids, what a blessing you are so good at being organized! Congrats on the new blog, can’t wait to read more.

  • Lara Kretler says:

    Sandy, what a great idea for a blog – and love the photo of your family! Sounds and looks a little like the Brady Bunch! :)
    If you’re ever looking for guest bloggers, let me know. I absolutely love Amish country and have been wanting to blog about our favorite spots up there (including a few hidden gems!) for a while now.

  • Lara I would love it!! I’ll email you Thanks!

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