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Skippers Resort & Maria in Marblehead Ohio Review

Skippers Resort & Maria  in Marblehead Ohio Review

Don’t Always Go with First Impressions

It was an interesting story how we ended up at Skippers Resort & Marina.  We had planned to stay at another location on Marblehead. Reservations were in tact. I had planned a spot on this blog for her.  But… within days of when we had to leave, we decided to take our one dog Gizzy.  I had an opportunity on my Chat with Sandy blog to do a review of a pet harness for Holiday Roads. I looked at their site and saw pet friendly, so I didn’t make any calls.

We got there and found out a little different.  They were pet friendly in their trailer units, but we had booked a regular room. We weren’t upset with them at all. It was totally our fault for not calling to check first.  The woman was very helpful and showed me a book that showed which places took pets. She said, be very careful around here though….some places aren’t kept real clean.  So of course you put your guards up when you hear something like that.

We called a couple places and there we no rooms at the inn. lol

Then we called Skippers Resort and Marina.  They had cottages and they did have availability…price was we headed over to check it out.

First impressions…to be honest…not real good.  We saw the old sign at the top of the road and I even think I said…oh no..this doesn’t look so good. We drove down the little lane and had no idea where to check in.  We just kept slowly going down the lane. There were small houses, cottages and trailers….all decked out for outside living…some nicely…some not as nice. I was looking in the book for the next place as Dave went in once we found the office (down the lane a ways).  He asked to see the cottage first.  He came out with a smile on his face and said..come on in hun!

I went in and it was nothing fancy, but clean…we had a little living room, a kitchen that you could eat in…. 2 bedrooms. One bedroom had a double bed (that I think may have been a mattress on a single frame?….lol….I almost fell off the edge of the bed when I first sat down), and the other room had 2 bunk beds! Perfect for 4 kids!!    It was not the Ritz…but guess what?  We weren’t paying the Ritz either!!

I thought as I walked out to the picnic table in the front yard (perfect for a dog!!!) – this is SO much nicer than the single room with the tiny dorm refrigerator we were going to stay in.  There was no place to sit outside there. There were no chairs for 6 people to sit inside. It wouldn’t have been much fun.

Here… we had a yard. We didn’t have to worry about through traffic. This dead ended into I guess a bay off Lake Erie.  There was a nice pool and then docks the kids could fish off of. Perfect!!

I can highly recommend this for a family.  Skippers Resort  & Maria was an unplanned review. If you are looking for the ritz….then it is not for you.  If you like simple and basic that you can afford….if you have kids that would like to have a little freedom or if you have a dog…this is perfect!

There were plenty of places around to eat…it was close to where we needed to go for the ferry over to Kelley’s Island.

So…don’t necessarily go with your first impressions.  I’m glad I didn’t.  I would have no problems at all visiting again and I can recommend it without hesitation.


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