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Piatt Castles in West Liberty, Ohio Review

Piatt Castles in West Liberty, Ohio Review

Did you know there were castles in Ohio?
There are two of them in West Liberty. I am not sure what defines a castle. Size, stone? Hmmmm, I’m not sure. The castles belonged to brothers. They are still being worked on. The biggest of the two was called Mac-O-Chee and it was the first one we went through.
It needed a lot of work done. Paint was peeling, Floor boards were weak in some areas. Some rooms were pretty empty.

We then drove down the street (maybe a mile) to the 2nd castle called Mac-O-Cheek. It was smaller, but in much better shape than the first one.

There were kind of neat to see. Not as big as I expected for a “castle”. I am sure there are people who would love to go through these. It was not a bad thing to do once. I have to admit I don’t have the desire to go back. I also would not pay for the kids to go through them. I just don’t feel for the cost it was a great value or learning experience. It cost us $20 each to see both castles. We did have AAA so we paid a total of $36 for the 2 of us, so that helped a little. But…I felt it cost too much (even though I know they are trying to raise money to maintain and refurbish them).
I don’t like saying negative things, but I will be truthful with you.  Keep in mind this is just my opinion.  You may love places like this and think it is the best place since sliced bread…

I was also excited to go down into a cellar area that it showed in the video on the web site.  But when it didn’t appear there was a cellar to go down into I asked about it. I was told that they do not give tours down there anymore. That kind of bummed me out because it looked cool in the video.

The Piatt Castles
10051 Township Road 47
West Liberty, OH 43357-0497
Phone 937-465-2821



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