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Rocky Boot Outlet in Nelsonville, Ohio Review

Rocky Boot Outlet in Nelsonville, Ohio Review

Like Outdoor Gear – at Outlet prices?

Rocky Boot Outlet is in the small town of Nelsonville, which is just outside of Athens, Ohio. My husband worked on building a school in Nelsonville for the past 3 years, so there were several times he stopped in if he had time to look for deals.  He has come home with deals on hunting boots, belts, shirts, jackets etc over the last 3 years.

When we took our 2 boys to see Ohio University Campus we decided to stop by Rocky’s for lunch. I know…sounds strange to go to an Outdoor Gear stop for lunch doesn’t it?  I was a little doubtful myself. But it was actually a nice little restaurant inside of the store.

There are 3 levels and things have changed quite a bit my husband said. But on the main floor was outdoor gear, a clearance section, the restaurant and foot area along with boots.  On the 2nd floor was the men’s and on the top floor was the ladies and children’s section. Up there was also an awesome gift shop with lots of Halloween and Christmas decorations. On this trip we weren’t able to find any of the fantastic deals on boots that he has in the past, but I do think that everything is discounted from the normal Rocky’s prices.

His last trip he found $5 leather belts, which we did see again. I was looking one for me, but couldn’t find my size. You know how outlets can be, sometimes you hit them great…other times the largest and smallest sizes are what is left. I think that is to be expected at any true outlet.

We did find $5 camouflage pants for the triplets. They were thrilled with them and can’t wait to wear them on their first youth hunt this year. I also got some knitted gloves. Those kind that have the fingertips not on them so that you can write or shoot with them. But these are real cute and also have the part of the glove that comes over to cover up my fingers so they won’t get cold.  You may laugh but in the winter my Mac gets cold and I use gloves to work on the computer! (ok…stop laughing now!)

We weren’t able to shop as long as I wanted. After lunch my step son reminded us that he had to be back to go to work by 5pm. Oh bummer…we only had 1/2 hour to run through 3 levels!!!!  AAAgggghhhh!!!

It is worth a stop if you are near Nelsonville, or Athens Ohio.  I’d give yourself a couple hours realistically if you really want to see the whole place….and guess what? You can eat lunch there too! :)



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