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Lincoln MKT Review

Lincoln MKT Review

Whoot Whoot We got to review a cool car!

How often to you get to drive a really nice family car for a week?  The Ford Fleet out of MI asked if I would be interested in driving this Lincoln MKT for a week.  Well sure!  At the time I wasn’t positive if the two older boys at home would be riding with us or not. It ended up being just the five of us. Dave, myself and the triplets.

Lincoln MKT

I can’t even tell you how many times during the week that we had the car I heard the phase, “This is the nicest car I’ve ever been in!”.  The triplets thought it was the bomb!

Watch the video of our Lincoln MKT adventure!

They loved the automatic (well… hit the button) flip up back seat to let the person in the 3rd row get in or out. Of course they had to fight over who got to push it. The person in the back or the person in the middle rows.  They took turns in the back.  There wasn’t as much room back there and there were no air conditioning controls or seat coolers/warmers.  But they did get to sit by themselves back there.  So there were some advantages.

Dave and I felt the GPS was tricky to get used to.  It took him (I was driving at the time) awhile to figure out how to use it (without the manual of course). I do think he finally pulled it out, but it was a bit overwhelming as it was a separate book by itself. Once we figured it out, it was great. Even though Dave had never used one before ( I don’t need no stinkin GPS… lol) he had to admit that he thought it was really a nice feature and he was going to miss it. What I will miss the most was the backup screen!  When you go to back up you get a screen of what is behind you.  It alarms if anything is in the way.  What a nice piece of mind!

lincoln mkt

The other thing we discovered that we had never experienced was the cruise control. Yes, we have used cruise control…but this one had a radar on it. So if you came up behind another car going 70 mph and the car ahead of you was going slower…. it automatically slowed you down!!  How cool is that?  So you weren’t constantly turning the cruise on and off.

canopy tour

We took the car from Hocking Hills and home again (couldn’t find a hotel that night and home was only an hour away). Then the next day we set out for Mammoth Caves in KY.

mammoth cave

From there we headed back to Ohio with a day at our farm and then went on our three day Roar and Explore vacation package from Experience Columbus.


The only negative thing I can say is that it would have been even cooler to have had the DVD package in the car, and there was not as much storage space as we would have liked.  With one more child coming along, even though there was a seat, we would not have had enough room for our luggage for our trip. If there was a luggage rack on top.. that problem would be solved.. so no biggie.

The car has four bucket seats, and seats seven. The back seat folds so that you can use one or two of the seat.  Everything is automatic. There is a little mini frig in it too! We used it.. great for leftovers.  We loved the seat warmers/coolers. I loved that I could adjust the air separate from Dave! There were so many nice features of this car.. the leather seats were great. It just looked cool, and it drove fantastic.

We had a blast…. we miss the car…. and want it back.  lol… Just joking.  Well.. not really….

The MI Ford Fleet provided the car for us for a week at no cost.  No gas was provide…that was on us. All the pictures, the video and the opinions are my own.



  • [...] The first thing we learned was that there is evidently a safety feature set on the GPS. You can not drive and set the GPS at the same time. We had to pull over to set it.  Dave wasn’t too happy about that, thinking that if there is a passenger in the passenger seat it should over ride  it.  But he did think it was easier to set up than the GPS we had on the Lincoln MKT we reviewed. [...]

  • MArtina says:

    I too really love this car on our outing last month I never expect my friend to bring the Lincoln MKT. At first sight of the car i fell in love and even more loved by its interior design. The sad thing we only had to drive it for two weeks and it really broke my heart. I missed the Lincoln MKT wish I could afford one.


  • Oh… I did too! Loved all the accessories in this car. I was thinking about it the other day when we were shopping for a little truck for my husband, thinking about how nice it was and I’d love to have one.

  • Lyka says:

    Very nice video review.
    Wow~ I imagined myself having this car, I think I will be really happy having this.


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